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This method should work with all printers of the ULD driver family:

  • HP Color Laserjet 15x series
  • HP Color Laser MFP 17x Series
  • HP Laster 10x Series
  • HP Laserjet MFP M433
  • HP Laserjet MFP M436
  • HP LaserJet MFP M72625 72630
  • HP Color Laser MFP 13x 30 131 134 135 135a ... series

Under last linux versions, the ippusbxd software blocks the device from working, remove it:

  1. $ sudo apt remove ippusbxd

First, download the drivers from the HP website:

  1. $ wget https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software13/printers/MFP170/ULDLINUX_V1.00.39_00.12.zip

or the page if url changed: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-laser-mfp-130-printer-series/24494378

if you don't see the driver, try changing the os to linux ubuntu.

The decompact it, and run ./install.sh in the uld folder. After the license agreement it asks you for a confirmation, whatever is written, type "y" and enter, localized replies won't work.

Try running manually

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While trying to port some C code to micropython, I needed to set a lot of defines in a code as Python global vars.

Given those defines :

  1. #define CMD_SIZE 512
  2. /*
  3. frame format
  4. */
  5. #define FRAME_B 0xA5
  6. #define FRAME_E0 0xCC
  7. #define FRAME_E1 0x33
  8. #define FRAME_E2 0xC3
  9. #define FRAME_E3 0x3C
  10. /*
  11. color define
  12. */
  13. #define WHITE 0x03
  14. #define GRAY 0x02
  15. #define DARK_GRAY 0x01
  16. #define BLACK 0x00
  17. /*
  18. command define
  19. */
  20. #define CMD_HANDSHAKE 0x00 //handshake
  21. #define CMD_SET_BAUD 0x01 //set baud
  22. #define CMD_READ_BA
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I have uploaded a working version of the connector code on github : https://github.com/jon1012/mihome

What is it ?

The Xiaomi smart home solution is a low-cost zigbee ecosystem of devices that can stay on for a very long time with deep sleep on little batteries.

Best part about it is the price, less than 40 euros for the gateway (hub), and less than 20 for the individual sensors (you can maybe even find better prices online, just avoid gearbest!).


Available sensors :

  • Door Sensor
  • Motion sensor (Body sensor)
  • Wireless switch (a button that support clicks, double clicks and long presses)
  • Magic Cube (I haven't got one to test yet)
  • Probably others

1st tentative

This is my naïve test according to some specs found on the web.

import socket
import binascii

UDP_IP = ""
UDP_PORT = 54321
MESSAGE = binascii.unhexlify('21310020ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff')

print ("UDP target IP:", UDP_IP)
print ("UDP target port:", UDP_PORT)
print ("mess